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Global Fine Art Student Acrylic, 75ml – Set of 8

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Global Fine Art Student Acrylic paint is an Australian made economy impasto paint that is ideal for the beginner or student. This non-toxic set of 8 paints is perfect for classroom projects, student assignments and can be used on primed surfaces like canvas, board, or clay. Using a brush or palette knife, this heavy body paint can be used undiluted to build up textured areas on a work, or thickly applied with a brush to maintain the strokes. Fast drying and semi-permanent, this paint can be thinned lightly with water or painting medium to spread as a wash. Water-resistant once dry, the impasto applications of this acrylic paint remain completely flexible on a surface, allowing movement with environmental heat or further paint application. Made from the highest quality pigments, the colours include black, cool blue, cool red, cool yellow, warm blue, warm red, warm yellow and white.Specifically formulated with an environmental conscience and recyclable packaging, this set can be used with stencils, textiles, potato, bark, modelling, transfers, cork imprints, woodcuts and for marbling and simulated oil painting. Each paint is fully compatible with all colours in the pack and the extended range as well as mediums formulated for acrylic paints. This product is lead, chromium, and cadmium free.Environmentally Friendly Paint – Global Colours Student and Fine Art Acrylics are the worlds first Zero VOC (Zero Volatile Organic Compounds) paint range. VOC’s are carbon-containing compounds that emitt harmful gasses into the air, contributing to ozone pollution, polluting the air inside homes or classrooms, and having detrimental effects on health.VOC’s are commonly present in a wide array of household products like cleansers, disinfectants, aerosol sprays, furniture and paints. Reports show that VOC’s can lead to adverse health effects like eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, allergies and may even damage liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Global colours are committed to reformulating all paints and mediums until the entire collection of products is Zero VOC, in the best interests for children, customers, and our planet.

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