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More than ever, technology is increasingly important in an educational setting. MTA’s goal is to make it simple, to help you choose technology resources that meet your classroom and school needs, as well as align with curriculum outcomes. We offer personalised solutions, with an emphasis on providing training so you can hit the ground running. We source leading brands or create our own technology with your teaching day at the centre of our thinking. Tech that’s not tech-scary is our goal.
What sort of tech can we help you with?
Teaching tech
Classrooms that embrace teaching tech such as interactive flat panels, projectors and sound systems become vibrant centres of learning. Think stronger engagement, collaboration and inclusivity, while aligning with modern pedagogical approaches. Create a modern, data-centric environment where students are actively involved in their learning journey, preparing them for success in the digital age.
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Immersive tech
Dynamic learning environments that are active and student-driven encourage learners to explore, create and engage with content in meaningful ways. MTA’s immersive technology resources such as ClassVR and Merge EDU are paving the way for these transformative educational experiences that promote deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.
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Creative tech
Bring stories to life through professional-quality digital media production. Harness these tools to foster creativity, collaboration and teamwork in the classroom and prepare students for the digital storytelling age. Watch students produce inspired audio and visual content such as podcasts, radio shows, music, videos, films with studio-level sound recording and editing capabilities.
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Hands-on tech
Engage students in innovative ways, promote exploration and a culture of making and inventing through makerspace tech that includes 3D printers, laser cutters and engravers. Allow students to design, develop and create objects that might not be readily available to them while transforming a classroom into a creative powerhouse and giving hands-on STEAM learning experiences.
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Robotics tech
Robotics technology has become a driving force in classrooms, spanning from primary to upper secondary levels, enriching STEM and STEAM curricula. ‘Robot love’ empowers students with hands-on learning, coding skills and real-world applications, with products like LEGO(R) Education, TETRIX, Create 3 and multi-use, cross-curriculum drones. This tech future-proofs students’ skills and make them lifelong learners.
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School community tech
Technology plays an increasingly significant role in enhancing engagement within school communities, letting every member of the school community enjoy a front row seat. It can bring school communities together through quality audio visual installations or outdoor events with wireless PA systems and mics that ensure information reaches every corner of the event.
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Complete tech solutions
Tech solutions should be complete solutions, so at MTA, you’ll find educational technology support, from teaching and learning tools through to all the peripherals and device accessories (such as batteries, charging cabinets or mobile trolleys). Shop the tech
Our services
Free consultation and quote
Lock in your free quotation. In many instances, our consultants can visit your school to discuss a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.
Installation by accredited technicians
We make this effortless and easy with our highly trained team. Promethean installations are only conducted by Promethean accredited engineers. .
Professional development
Teachers never stop learning, so we've created PD courses including webinars and online training to help you get the best from your tech.
Technical support
Our MTA tech team is highly trained to provide advice on all audio visual components and set up, acoustics, room control and more.
Preventative maintenance
We offer maintenance for products installed by us and those currently operating at your premises.
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Our brands
We work with leading educational technology brands, as well as having developed many of our own MTA-branded leading technology resources.