Introducing a whole new concept in immersive teaching.

Walk with dinosaurs. Come face to face with sharks. See the northern lights.
With content designed specifically for classroom use, you can guide students through hundreds of VR experiences – 360-degree images, videos, 3D models and explorable scenes. ClassVR headsets transport students to another world, using head and hand gestures to navigate places and experiences. The immersion and engagement students gain from VR dramatically increases their ability to understand and retain information.
See it for yourself
A complete virtual reality system for Australian classrooms.
Learn through experience
Learning through experience can boost knowledge retention by up to 75%. Increase your students’ ability to retain knowledge by immersing them into exciting experiences they’ll never forget with a ClassVR Headset! ClassVR is a fully integrated, classroom-ready device with no additional hardware required to get you started.
Curriculum aligned content
ClassVR content is now mapped to the Australian curriculum across English, Science, History and Geography, enabling you to browse VR & AR resources by subject and year group. This means you can seamlessly integrate ClassVR experiences into your lessons and know that students will be engaging with content that is directly linked to their educational requirements.
Teacher-friendly Tech
At the heart of ClassVR is our teacher-friendly portal which provides the tools and resources you need to successfully deliver truly immersive lessons. With the click of a button, you can safely and simultaneously deliver defined experiences straight to the headsets.
Share the experience
All our storage and charging cases are designed to be easily transported between classrooms so students across the school can experience ClassVR. All ClassVR headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case to ensure your devices are always ready when you are!
Immersive content included in ClassVR
360° Images and videos
360-degree images and videos are a great way to give students unique experiences, allowing them to visit remote places, see historical monuments or experience locations they couldn’t in real life.
Bring 3D models off the page
With AR, students can view and interact with 3D models as if they were in the palm of their hand! Using the ClassVR headsets’ front-facing camera, students can get up close with content, such as a beating heart or an ancient artefact.
Explorable scenes
Explorable scenes allow students to move, discover and travel through virtual worlds and environments using a ClassVR headset and hand controller, designed to promote independent learning and group discussions.
Computing: Minecraft meets ClassVR (Age 7-11)
“Students were excited to be given building challenges in Minecraft as game-based learning. They took a further pride and ownership of their creations when they were able to bring their work from the digital world into their physical environment and manipulate it using ClassVR.” Mark Savery Emmanuel College, Australia
History: Experiencing the Trenches (Age 10-11)
“ClassVR helped the children to engage with the task and gave them inspiration for how to describe the sights, sounds and smells of the trenches. This immersive nature of VR helped them think more creatively and their work was imaginative and detailed.” Anthony Isaac Crowlands Primary School, Australia

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