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Are you looking for a digital literacy program that that brings rigour to reading? Meet Wushka. This Aussie-developed program offers 1000+ digital levelled and decodable readers across all levels and phases, stacks of teacher resources and real-time analytics so you can keep progress in check. Downloadable student summaries make for easy parent-teacher conversations, while digital reader records make the home-reader hustle yesterday’s problem! It’s a no-nonsense approach to reading, that can be used as a stand-alone resource or layered with your current literacy program.
Here’s what’s inside
Digital Decodable Readers
We know students come with different needs and interests, and so too do our decodable readers. With over 400 fiction, non-fiction, HiLo and science-themed options across all phases, students stay engaged as they master the code.
Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts
Wushka offers over 700 authentic fiction and non-fiction texts to help transition older readers to chapter books, non-fiction and essential text types. Corresponding lesson plans focus on comprehension and vocabulary.
Structured Scope and Sequence
When it comes to phonics, structure is king. Wushka readers introduce sounds systematically, so students can confidently decode every sound before they progress to the next phase. This makes for less guesswork, fewer learning gaps and rock-solid phonemic foundation
Comprehension Tools
All Wushka readers come with a narrated comprehension quiz as standard, and results are captured on your teacher dash.
Teacher Resources
Level-up your lesson with dedicated teacher tools for each reader. Worksheets are a great way to dive deeper into key themes, while wordless printable readers are perfect for exploring texts from different perspectives. Easy-to-implement lesson plans keep your lessons on-track and objective driven.
Reporting and Analytics
Real-time, actionable data helps you keep tabs on student progress and engagement at individual and class level. Clever filters provide insight on what students are reading at home and school, while visual data provides a snapshot of your swimmers and strugglers.
Here’s what teachers love about Wushka
It’s easy.
Wushka was designed by teachers, for teachers, to provide the resources and analytics needed for streamlined faff-free literacy instruction.
Volume and variety
Our library of over 1000 fiction, non-fiction, HiLo and science readers keep students engaged as they master the phonics code or build fluency.
Hassle-free home reading
Simply assign readers by title, level or phase and know students are reading at the correct level, every single time.
Built to blend
Choose to use Wushka as your stand-alone literacy program, or layer it with your physical classroom resources to cater to every type of learner.
See the unseen
Farewell paper reader records! Wushka captures reading as it happens, and the built-in quiz means you can keep tabs on progress and comprehension.
One-click differentiation
Set individualised reading levels, create differentiated reading groups or assign by theme so students are reading what is best for them.
Bring big, blended benefits with MTA
Blended learning takes every type of learner into account, whether they prefer the traditional classroom, online learning or a mixture of both. Blended learning allows students to choose how and when they interact with the material and being able to explore at their own pace means each student gets the practice they need. MTA makes blended learning easy with physical readers, manipulatives and teacher tools which pair perfectly with Wushka’s digital library.
Handbooks for Explicit Teaching
With dedicated planners for Foundation/Kindergarden, Year 1 and Year 2, these planners provide daily lessons and weekly introductions that can be used with the Wushka libraries or your physical reader collection. Visual examples of supplementary resources are presented alongside daily lessons for quick reference, and provide the framework for a robust phonics program. See more like this.
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The Classroom Kit
The Classroom Kit includes 72 different decodable readers, 12 at each phase level, perfect for supporting phonics and reading development in conjunction with Wushka’s corresponding digital libraries. Includes a teacher book with lesson plans, scope and sequence, assessment pages and photocopiable screen checks.
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The School Kit
This kit is a collection of every decodable reader found on Wushka so you can complement your students’ digital reading with print books. It contains over 400 readers covering science, non- fiction, HiLo and fiction stories. Written specifically for the progression of Letters and Sounds, these readers will follow children week-by-week through the program providing them text-based context to practise their emerging reading skills.
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Decodable Reading Program Phonics Kit
A complete explicit systematic synthetic phonics program which will allow you to teach essential phonics with daily and weekly lesson plans, decodable readers and hands-on manipulatives providing children with the best opportunities for progressing to reading fluency, spelling proficiency and a love of literacy.
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Or let us help customise a kit to suit the needs of your school. You can check out out Wushka support resources here.

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From our teacher community
"Wushka has engaged my struggling readers extremely well and they love doing it! They often ask me when we are doing WUSHKA reading!! Thank you for making my job easier!"
"We love the variety of texts. The ease of use. The immediate feedback. The support features which make it accessible to students at leaves making it inclusive."
"Those children who enjoy reading love having the opportunity to explore other texts to the point that they are excited to explain their experiences of Wushka with me. They are also enjoying the quiz provided for each text."
"Wushka is great for students to be able to read a number of books and a variety. Parents like the questions at the end too. Great to sort books with a particular comprehension focus."