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Brilliant learning outcomes come from brilliantly considered spaces and the resources in them. Whether the goal for your learning space is to revive, refurb or re-imagine, MTA helps you approach the project holistically, taking you from inspiration to completion. We go beyond the furniture and fittings, to focus on a complete solution that encompasses equipment and resources. A modern, welcoming space that is alive with learning and teaching possibility, curated just for you... that’s the MTA difference.
Brilliant spaces we support
Early Childhood
Out of School Hours
Learning spaces
Whether you're opening a new centre or updating an existing play space, we offer an inspiring range of educational resources including flexible furnishing options, art and craft creative areas and outdoor learning environments.
Imaginative spaces
Spaces that encourage creative thinking, open-ended and collaborative play allow children to confidently explore different roles, emotions and viewpoints.
Exploratory spaces
Create an engaging play space that facilitates exploration, as children use their senses to explore, examine and discover.
Creative spaces
Watch art and craft, messy play, drama, construction and music come to life in a learning environment which allows children to create and express themselves freely.
Quiet spaces
We design purposeful, calming and thoughtful spaces that respond to children’s need for quiet time, rest and sleep.
Natural spaces
Learning environments that incorporate natural elements allow children to connect with nature, encouraging a sense of respect and responsibility for the environment.
Outdoor spaces
Beautifully imagined outdoor environments encourage active play and develop fine and gross motor skills as children climb, explore and enjoy a variety of sensory engagements.
Storage spaces
Functional spaces that let you stow it, stack it, store it and provide a place to easily reach for your hygiene essentials that keep your centre sparkling clean.
Our success stories
John Paul College, Daisy Hill
Supply and fit out Reggio Emilia inspired furniture and resources to create unique learning spaces.
"We have experienced a long established relationship with MTA over many, many years. Our vision for creating environments for children that support their natural curiosity to inquire and learn, has been well supported by the quality and diverse range of resources and materials available from MTA. Lisa has always taken the time to know and understand our Reggio Emilia approach to learning and offers personalised service and dedication throughout the ordering and set-up process. MTA deliver promptly and professionally and I have always been impressed with their customer service. Upon opening two new classrooms mid-2018, it was a seamless process in the ordering, delivery and set up of the furniture and equipment with MTA. Lisa takes the time to check that we have covered all of the different learning areas with our resourcing and provides guidance with additional equipment that would enhance the learning for the children. We always feel valued in their business and their commitment to providing children with such rich, sustainable and high quality resources is exceptional."
Leanne Zammit
Head of Early Education of John Paul College
I STEAM Ahead - Brookvale
Fit out and set up of all furniture and resources to create quality STEAM focussed learning environment.
"Creating a new centre was my challenge but it was a huge success because of the team at MTA! The entire process ran smoothly from ordering to delivery, they even unpacked, assembled and took away all the boxes. I was amazed with the range and quality of STEM/STEAM resources they offered and as a result I am proud to run a STEAM program in early learning with thanks to MTA. It was a pleasure working in partnership with MTA and all their staff. "
Moira Battikha
Owner of I STEAM Ahead, Brookvale
Lead Childcare Centre, Mango Hill
Full supply of all Reggio Emilia inspired furniture and resources to Queensland's largest licensed centre.
"Our vision was to create Reggio Emilia inspired spaces that free flow between the indoor and outdoor. Our goal would only be possible with the selection of resources and furniture that complement our uniquely designed service. Over 12 months we met with five of the top resource suppliers before finally deciding on MTA. Janine Thompson from MTA was instrumental in our choice. Janine made the entire process a very smooth one, the logistics of resource and furniture selection, ordering, delivery and assembly was one that was coordinated down to the finest detail. The team delivered, unpacked and assembled over 56 pallets into 10 rooms without skipping a beat. The feedback has exceeded our expectations and the one word that everyone says when they walk through the rooms is "WOW". Our decision to use MTA is one that we don't regret and would thoroughly recommend."
Michelle Tuffley
Chief Operating Officer of Lead Childcare
Learning spaces
Whether it’s designing a new learning environment or refurbishing an existing one, we offer furniture and storage options, and curriculum-aligned resources for all learning spaces.
Collaborative spaces
Versatile, collaborative spaces promote critical and creative thinking and allow students the freedom to communicate clearly during group work.
Breakout spaces
Formal and informal breakout spaces support the ideology that learning can happen anywhere. Create a relaxed, unstructured space for group discussions or individual learning.
Calming spaces
Calming spaces provide a much-needed space for reflection. These important ‘cave’ spaces support and encourage students with independent learning.
Reading spaces
Imaginations take flight as students navigate books in a comfortable, quiet reading space. As well as independent or group reading, these spaces allow time to reflect and think.
Hands-on spaces
Makerspaces are the ultimate hands-on learning and discovery hubs, typically with a science or STEM focus but they can be tailored to apply to learning across all curriculum areas.
Tech spaces
Create a tech zone equipped with devices, chargers and headphones to help students listen, explore and learn. Or a listening lounge for e-books and narrated digital readers.
Outdoor spaces
Outdoor learning can have a positive impact on students of all ages. Extending your learning space to the great outdoors will promote social learning, increase creativity and activate outside-the-box thinking.
Equipment and storage spaces
There’s always a need for a well-designed space to store equipment safely, from science to sport. Think clever, easy access to equipment and smart, flexible storage options.
Our success stories
Good Samaritan Catholic College, Bli Bli QLD
Objectives Support, advice and set up for resourcing classrooms in a new school.
"It has been a pleasure to work with Chris from Modern Teaching Aids to source resources for our new school. Chris was able to provide us with a comprehensive list of resources suitable for a new school. MTA provided a Look Book with quantities, prices and images of suggested resources broken into year levels and school departments. This made ordering every single item for a new school a much less daunting task. Chris was able to provide separate quotes for different departments as we accessed funding from different buckets of money. We planned to source many of our resources from a cheaper chainstore but Chris was able to provide a superior and safer product for a similar price in many instances. On "delivery day", MTA provided couriers to deliver the orders to our school. The order came packaged up per classroom and was unpacked by MTA staff. Any items that required assembly were put together on site and all packaging was disposed of in a skip that MTA also provided. We are most grateful to MTA for making our start up so smooth and stress-free and would highly recommend them to all other schools."
Deborah Holmes
Learning Leader of Good Samaritan Catholic College
Baringa State Primary School, Caloundra West
Objectives Support, advice and set up for resourcing of classrooms in new STEM school with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
"Chris was very helpful providing me with a "Learning Area" package of materials that new schools would require and made the purchase of resources a simple process. Dealing with Chris directly for ordering meant that the items we needed throughout the school year were provided in a timely manner. Chris also spent over a week before the Christmas holidays here unpacking all of the resources we ordered and setting up classrooms to ensure all were ready to go from day one in January. This was a huge job and I am so grateful that Chris and his team provided this service. As our school grows, Chris has copies of what we ordered for each classroom so that we can replicate the order, saving time at the end of the year. Chris has continued to provide our school with outstanding service, I would not hesitate using MTA to assist any school with their resourcing purchases"
Amos Cowling
Deputy Principal of Baringa State Primary School
Camdenville Public School, Sydney
ObjectivesNew classroom fit out with contemporary learning environment furniture and accessories?
"We work with our students to create flexible learning spaces that support inquiry based learning approaches and required multipurpose, movable furniture that allows students to change the space based on the task that they are completing. We searched through the DoE approved suppliers and landed on MTA! We worked with Leanne to source furniture and resources which we believed make a successful classroom space. Leanne was extremely responsive to our needs and took the time to get to know and understand our context and was also open to feedback from teachers and students about what else MTA might look to include in their future collections. MTA took care of the delivery and assembly of a large quantity of items without interrupting classes! Post delivery, Leanne has shown a genuine interest in how we have found the MTA pieces in our classes, replaced items when necessary and has brought new items to our attention when relevant. We will definitely continue to purchase items through MTA in the future."
Hollie van Ravenstein
Assistant Principal of Camdenville Public School
Learning spaces
Whether you're opening a brand-new outside of school hours care service, refreshing an existing space or looking for inspired ideas, MTA can offer thoughtful advice, solutions and quality resources.
Flexible spaces
Look for easy to move, flexible on-the-go equipment. It’s all important in an OSHC setting, allowing you the opportunity to cater more fully to the needs of the children in your care.
Creative spaces
An art and craft area, music/dance space, or puzzles and games area are all brought to life through clever design, flexible furniture, soft furnishings and brilliant resource selection.
Storage spaces
Create storage systems or spaces that are flexible, adaptable and easy to move as needed to meet the needs of your daily activities, and also make afternoon pack up easy.
Our success stories
On time supply and fit out of high quality and wide range of equipment for new OSHC
"YMCA OSHC has many services through Southeast Queensland. The MTA team are always on hand to offer the best advice on a new set up for Outside School hours Care. The team responds in a timely manner, the delivery of service is organised to the need of the OSHC services, and the construction of the room is well orchestrated alongside YMCA OSHC. The equipment and resources are of a high quality with a wide range of resources available. We love the service of MTA and that results in the families being amazed with the setup of the room. Thank you for the support you provide the YMCA OSHC team. We would be lost without you MTA."
Liam Dyer, OSHC Manager
YMCA of Brisbane

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