Weplay – Pedal Roller

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Product Code WY905

MTA Catalogue page: 1035

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With two balancing pedals and one pair of detachable handrails, the Pedal Roller works like any other quadric cycle. The pedal roller comes with two side rail handles, that are handy for first time and inexperienced users to provide balance as they first get used to the propelling motion. Once balance skills and confidence is established, the supervisor can then detach the handles. Removing the handrails encourages development of co-ordination at a faster rate for the more balanced user. The Pedal Roller measures 39 x 51 x 57cm high, is built of high grade moulded plastic and also comes with soft outer design wheels that are quiet and wont scratch flooring surfaces. Each pedal measures 29 x 9cm wide.

The maximum weight capacity is 50kg. Ages 3+ years

Weplay have a focus on producing high quality, educational resources for children around the world.Their design concept is to bring both cultural and natural design elements into their products. A limited space becomes an unlimited space when children are playing with Weplay products.

Weplay products help children to grow up healthily and happily. Engaging in play with thePedal Rolleris an excellent form of exercise and movement for a range of ages. It’s an activity that uses gross motor (large muscle) movement, helping children to develop strength, coordination and balance. Gross motor development has so many benefits in children’s everyday lives- enabling them to carry out all sorts of physically active tasks with increasing difficulty.

MTA Catalogue page: 1035