Weplay Rocking Bowl – Green

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$208.95 (Incl GST)
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Product Code WY2004G

MTA Catalogue page: 1049

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Improve gross motor co-ordination and stability. This Weplay Rocking bowl comes with a wave design edge, that provides children with safety when the clearbowl is turned upside down. It is also good for stretching exercises when it is turned upside down. This enhances the development of vestibular balance. It also improves motor coordination, and assists children to practice the control of stability.

The bottom is designed with a smooth curve to prevent children from getting hurt when they sit in it and rock from side to side. The ripple lines inside the Bowl not only make the Bowl beautiful but serve as anti-slip function.

Each clearrocking bowl is 72cm in diameter and is 32cm deep, thissize fits one or two children to sit in together. This can help develop social interaction skills and teamwork.

Maximum weight loading is 50kg. Rocking bowl is suitable for ages 2+ years.

These bowls are available ingreen or clear (WY2004C). And can also be filled with balls for more tactile play.

MTA Catalogue page: 1049