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Wooden Life Puzzles – Family and Dog

Wooden Life Puzzles – Family and Dog


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An attractive and stimulating series of puzzles designed by Rolf to illustrate, in a playful and childlike manner, the acceptance of changes in our society, both in the work place and in the home.This particular jigsaw looks at the family with a pet. This is one of a set of puzzles that are 28cm x 40cm x 1.9cm thick, and are cut into 16 pieces. Suitable for ages 3+ years. The foundation of the entire Rolf product range is laid by the play and development materials manufactured by Rolf itself. Our own products, such as development chests, puzzles and for example shovels, carry the world famous Rolf logo and can be recognized by the robust materials, the bright vivid colors and the special drawings. All Rolf products are manufactured in the Netherlands. This guarantees you high-quality, durable materials and short delivery times. Teachers, educational experts, psychologists, illustrators, designers and manufacturers, work closely together in designing puzzles to meet the needs of children and teachers to the fullest extent possible.