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Cuisenaire Learning Rods – 222pc

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This is a great set for kinder and pre-schoolers to learn mathematics, counting, fraction and develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. This cuisenaire learning set comes with 6 activity cards, where children have to ‘paint’ the images with the correct cuisenaire rods. The set can also be used as cuisenaire rods on its own, without making use of the activity cards.

Cuisenaire rods are rods varying from 1 to 10 centimeter and increase in 1 cm increments. As students explore the relationships between the pieces they may learn about partioning, fractions, algebra and problem solving. Rods are the most versatile resource if numbers are not assigned to each colour. The Cuisenaire learning set include 222 unit rods in 10 sizes, supplied in a box. The smallest one is 1 cm, the tallest one is 10 cm.

The set includes: 12 each of the rod from 10cm size to 5 cm size, 18 rods of 4 cm size, 30 rods of 3 cm, 36 rods of 2 cm, and 66 cubes of 1 cm. The set comes with 6 activity cards ranging from easy to difficult. This set is made out of plantation timber using non-toxic materials. The box measures 32 cm (L) x 28 cm (W) x 7 cm (H). Ages 3+ years

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