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Storage Tray – Yellow


$21.95 (Incl GST)
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Product Code PW21

MTA Catalogue page: 200

Get a grip on tidying up with this easy to handle Storage Tray.

This Yellow multi-purpose tote tray is made of strong and durable, lightweight plastic, and is able to be lugged by children of all ages.

The tray is an invaluable aid in keeping the classroom tidy, capable of storing any number of items – from exercise and text books, to arts and craft supplies, and all sorts of toys.

The tray is easy to clean and is truly ‘multi-purpose’ able to be utilised in places beyond the usual classroom setting, like school kitchens and canteens, gardening sheds, science and photography labs, and in the school sick bay.

The edges are sloped so a more than one can be stacked inside one another, and the trays can also be purchased in other colours to enable colour coded storage of by specific classroom items, or student groups.

The tray measures 43cm long x 32cm wide x 12cm tall.

White tray (PW02)
Orange tray (PW03)
Red tray (PW18)
Blue tray (PW19)
Green tray (PW20)
Yellow tray (PW21)

MTA Catalogue page: 200

Art and Craft catalogue page: 221