Pop Match Ending Sounds Game Box

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MTA Catalogue page: 219

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Pop Match Ending Sounds Game Box a fun way for young students to learn ending sounds. The game is designed for 4 students – each student gets a colour coded game popper and 6 matching write and wipe cards. Students press the popper and use the letters inside to complete the words on their cards. 24 game cards and 4 poppers in total.

This hands-on game involves a range of senses and skills, helping children to further develop their ability to read and write. This game can be played singularly or in a group of four. Children could even take part in team work by teaming up in pairs to play the game. With four poppers to use there could be up to 8 children playing. The clearly illustrated pictures give an easily identifiable visual prompt to help students sound out the word- using their alphabet letter knowledge to fill in the blanks. To make the game even more creative and challenging students could use objects on their card to make up a story afterwards. The possibilities are endless!

Lakeshore products are specially designed to motivate and encourage little ones to investigate and engage with their world…preparing them for learning success! They have been developing innovative products since 1988. Developers take Lakeshore products from ideas to realities, from first sketches and 3-D simulations to rigorous testing and classroom use.

MTA Catalogue page: 219

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