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Metric Tape Measures 150cm – Pack of 10


$32.95 (Incl GST) Equivalent to $3.00 each
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Product Code LER363

MTA Catalogue page: 268

These tape measures are supplied in a set of 10. The measurement tapes are supplied in assorted colours. Each tape is 150 cm long and have inches on one side and a cm/mm scale on the other side. This makes it possible to compare both units of measurements and convert between the two. The first 10 cm are displayed in colour with black writing, the next 10 cm are displayed in black with coloured writing and so on. This makes it very easy to see the length in steps of 10 centimetres. The tape measures can be used to measure and compare the length of different objects and the flexibility of the measuring tape makes it possible to measure round objects as well as straight objects. Perfect to compare measurements of regular as well as irregular shapes. Measuring and comparing the length of objects and shapes is part of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and can be done with this tool. Once the students are done measuring, the tape measure can be rolled up and packed away, taking up a limited amount of space. The measuring tapes are made of durable plastic and are very suitable for classroom use. They will not stretch or tear, making them a perfect resource for students to use.

MTA Catalogue page: 268

Art and Craft catalogue page: 148