Mega Classroom Magnet Kit – 335 Pc

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This mega classroom magnet kit has everything you need to teach the wonders of magnetism. Let students explore how magnets can stick together, but also repel each other. Help students understand how a magnet is an object that attracts or repels other objects within a magnetic field.Magnets have an invisible field that forces other objects to react to its properties. This powerful force is called the magnetic field. Everything that is made of iron can stick to the magnet. Some other metals, like nickle will also be attracted by magnets, but non-metal materials like glass or plastic will not stick.

Magnets are used in almost every appliance that uses a motor. You can’t imagine a life without magnets. Therefore, it is important that students understand the working of magnets and their uses in everyday life. They will also learn to understand that there are forces that can’t be seen. This kit consists of 5 bumper cars, 40 magnetic rings, 10 magnetic characters, 10 magnetic wands, 50 magnetic balls, 5 iron filling caps, 5 giant horseshoe magnets, 10 bar magnets and 200 steel chips, all packed in a handy storage box. Perfect for the entire classroom to start experimenting! While the intended use of this kit is for educational purposes. Total of 335 pieces.

Please note: The intended use of these magnets is for educational purposes only. Adult supervision is required at all times. Not suitable for children under the age of 8. Not suitable for craft projects. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. 

These are strong powered magnets and can cause medical issues if digested. These magnets are not a toy and are not intended for early learning centres or younger age groups in school or learning or unsupervised environments.

MTA Catalogue page: 468

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