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Earth Sun and Moon model

Earth Sun and Moon model

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This working model of the Earth Sun and Moondemonstrates the basic relationships of rotation, night and day, seasons and phases of moon. The Sun lights up and will shine on parts of the Earth and the moon, simulating day and night. Each solar concept can be studied by moving the arm of earth or moon separately by hand while the arm mechanism maintains the correct ratio and relationship between the Earth, Moon & the Sun. Let students find out what time it is, what the difference is in seasons and why the days are shorter during some months compared to others. Learn about full moon, half moon and quarter moon and all other moon phases. The Earth, sun and moon model is operated by batteries.

Requires 2 x AA batteries

Each product is carefully designed by a team of laboratory professionals and experienced engineers with quality and durability in mind. They are manufactured with only the highest grade, raw materials and according to international quality standards to ensure that they can withstand use in even the toughest laboratory environments.

MTA Catalogue page: 346

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