Kinetic Sand 5kg Natural

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Product Code DSN1505

MTA Catalogue page: 68

Easy to shape sand that moulds into simple desktop designs. Playing with itcan provide a moment of relaxation for both young and old. Kinetic sand is 98% pure sand and conforms to all relevant safety standards. Contains 2% Polydimethyl siloxane, a silicon-based organic polymer which gives kinetic sand its fluid like movement once pressed by your hand. Kinetic Sand is pliable and acts a lot like dough, and can be shaped, twisted, sliced or tossed. Its fantastic for getting those little hands working and feeling the great texture. Also visually seeing how the sand can move around and be moulded into anything you wish. This is a great sensory activity. Children will marvel at the sand and how it can be shaped, then turned back into sand instantly. It’s wonderful because it never dries out offeringcontinuous play for hours. Remains dust and allergen free.

The productis naturally antimicrobial meaning an agent that doesn’t allow micro organisms to live within the sand. Kinetic Sand is also gluten free. This fun activity leaves no residue on the bench, table or your hands, there is no mess. So both teacher and child can enjoy using Kinetic Sand. It is not sticky and won’t stick to your hands. This is the perfect activity for children to encourage and use their fine motor skills. They will be using their hands and coordination skills to achieve what they set out to craft. A wonderful product as it is soothing to work with children will find the texture relaxing and in some instances therapeutic. Kinetic Sand is perfect for every class room. Supplied in a 5 kg bag.

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MTA Catalogue page: 68