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Hand Held Calculators – Pack of 10 and Tote

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Product Code CEC8188-K

MTA Catalogue page: 311

This kit includes 10 calculators and a calculator caddy, for easy storage and transport. These 8 digit, hand held calculators are dual-powered and have durable plastic keys and a big display. They also include the % key. Each calculator measures 13.6 cm (H) x 7.1 cm (L) x 1.6 cm (W). The large display and sturdy and durable keys make it a perfect tool for early year maths classes.

It is easy to use by students and does not have any confusing functions and buttons, like more advanced calculators. The dual-powered function means that the calculator runs on solar power and switches to battery when there is not enough light. Perfect for classroom use! Use calculators in every maths and science classroom. Students have to represent and solve problems, including the four operations, calculating areas, volumes and perimeters, using calculators. The use of calculators is part of the maths curriculum from year 3 and up. This is a perfect resource for students to check their answers or calculate more complex problems.

MTA Catalogue page: 311

Kit components

Component  Name  Quantity  Unit  In stock
CEC8188   Hand Held Calculator  10  EACH The item is available
LER0053   Calcutote - Calculator Caddy  1  EACH The item is available