NYBY – Metal Sand Play Tools Set of 4

NYBY – Metal Sand Play Tools Set of 4

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Product Code BR32119K

The Metal Sand Play Tools set includes Metal Spade – 69cm long (BR32110), Wide Metal Shovel – 70cm long (BR32112), Metal Shovel – 70cm long (BR32120) and Metal Rake – 72cm long (BR32115). All tools have a wooden handle. All products are also sold separately, please refer to index. Contents may vary. Suitable for children from the age of 4 years.

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with sand and water resources. Sand and Water can can involve involve sand, water, mud and other interesting materials. Different textures and and consistencies can help children get used to different sensations and get a ‘feel’ for hands and fingers. Messy play is very creative allowing children the space to explore their imagination and express feelings. It’s also a fun way to increase vocabulary, social interaction and can provide hours of fun and discover.

Research shows that children develop a fuller understanding of the world around them when they regularly garden and are therefore better able to engage in the learning process at school.  Gardening can open up a whole new world for children, getting them outside and discovering nature… There’s no better learning environment than the great outdoors!

Each design is lightweight and easy for young children to handle but has all the practicality and durability of high-quality adult gardening tools. This means your children can get actively involved in all aspects of gardening and discover for themselves the great adventures their gardens hold.

MTA Catalogue page: 1029

Kit components

Component  Name  Quantity  Unit  In stock
BR32110   Spade - Metal with Wooden Handle 69cm  1  EACH The item is available
BR32112   Wide Shovel - Metal 70 cm  1  EACH The item is not available
BR32115   Rake - Metal 70 cm  1  EACH The item is not available
BR32120   Shovel - Metal  1  EACH The item is not available