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Adventure Course Kit


$329.95 (Incl GST)
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Product Code AS101

MTA Catalogue page: 1246

The adventure course kit is a fun combination of items that can be utilised to design fun and active obstacle courses for students. Also set up in many different configurations. So the children can be challenged in different ways and have variety and interesting new puzzles to complete and tasks to complete. Suitable for outdoor obstacle training, this kit contains the following components in an engaging assortment of colours:

  • 4 x Plastic Cones (30cm)
  • 4 x Plastic Cones (50cm)
  • 4 x Plastic Bricks (36 x 15 x 10cm high)
  • 9 x Clips
  • 4 x Poles (40cm)
  • 4 x Poles (71cm)
  • 4 x Hoops (38cm diameter)
  • 4 x Hoops (50cm diameter)
  • 4 x Hoops (66cm diameter)

Click and connect all the components in a number of ways. The clips add another element to the set ups that can be achieved. Arrange the hoops both horizontally and also vertically. While placing the poles through the plastic cones at different heights for obstacles to jump over or crawl under.
Use this set both indoor and outdoor environments. Storage indoors recommended, and also we suggest using the equipment on a soft surface, as children may be crawling on hands and knees while playing with the equipment.

Ages 3+ years

MTA Catalogue page: 1246