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Flowers of Australia Block Stamps – Set of 8

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Product Code SIC007

Learn about Australian Florals with this set of handcrafted wooden floral block stamps. This set of 8 contains one floral design from each state and territory of Australia. Use it to adorn your clay works, paper or textile projects.

Each one of the Floral block stamps is 5-6cm in diameter and is supplied in a drawstring bag.

Wooden stamps are proven to be beneficial in activating several visual and fine motor skills. Block stamp activities softly strengthen the hand muscles whilst actively demonstrating one spatial awareness. Wooden stamp activities can engage and build upon a child’s hand-eye coordination, mainly when the task involves stamping in specific areas.

The beautifully handcrafted and detailed designs enable a visual learning experience of Australian flora. Connect each one of the floral block stamps to its Australian state for a fun mix-and-match activity. Or invoke a sense of Australian pride by decorating work pages with different florals of the country.

Tip: Create an arc in the hand when stamping by ensuring the thumb is stretched across one side of the stamp with the fingers clasping the other side. Holding the stamp correctly is crucial in developing fine motor control mechanics.