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Hot & Cold Coloured Paper A4 80gsm – Pack of 500

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Product Code QL90190

A combination pack of hot and cold coloured paper A4. Ideal for art and craft in the home or classroom. Includes 500 sheets consisting of 50 sheets each of 10 colours. Cold coloured paper includes 5 colours of various shades of blue and green. Hot coloured paper includes 5 colours of various shades of red, orange, yellow and pink. This pack of hot and cold A4 coloured paper is such a versatile resource to have for all sorts of activities and projects. It can be drawn or written on with a wide variety of tools including pencils and pens, markers, chalks, oil pastels or charcoal. It can be painted on with water based or oil based paints. Coloured paper also makes a terrific backing or border for artworks. Simply cut out a border to glue over the top of an artwork, or paste a smaller artwork right on top of the coloured paper. A4 coloured paper is also ideal for children’s art portfolios, bringing children’s work to life with bright and bold colours.

Coloured paper is a versatile and open ended resource to have. It can be folded or torn or cut down to size and shape depending on the desired project. Coloured paper is ideal for everyday art and craft activities as well as projects for special occasions. It can be folded in half to make beautiful cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, as well as many other significant cultural celebrations. The cold coloured paper is ideal for exploring the weather, water or oceans. The hot coloured paper is ideal for exploring Autumn colours, fires and sunsets but the possibilities for both colour schemes are endless! What can your class make with the hot and cold coloured paper?

MTA Teachers Resource Catalogue Page: 38

MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 39