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Pastel Iron On Beads – 10,000 Pieces

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Create seasonal iron on bead creations with these pastel iron on beads. Children can make Easter egg or bunny ornaments or heart shaped gift tags for Mother’s Day. Use these beads to create jewellery or key tags for Mum.

Children can use these beads with bead boards and ironing paper to create their unique designs. These non-toxic, pastel coloured plastic beads can be easily arranged on a bead board and ironed over with ironing paper to create a unique and colourful pattern. Arrange the beads into a design on the boards, warm a household iron to high making sure the steam is off, cover the design with a sheet of ironing paper and iron over until the beads start to melt and fuse together into a colourful and flexible shape. Allow your design to cool before removing from the bead board. These beads can also be used as embellishments for craft activities and jewellery. Ensure children have adult supervision when using the iron or get an adult to do this for them. These beads come in an assortment of pastel colours and are easy to place on bead boards or string to create your own unique design. The colours will stand out and hold their shape for years to come. The range of designs the children can make with these beads are endless and there is very little mess involved. Children can also stitch through the beads to extend this into a threading activity. Working with these beads will help children with their concentration and fine motor skills to develop a finished product they can take home and be proud of. Children can use as little or as many colours as they want and can be as creative as they like to complete their masterpiece.

The tub includes 10,000 assorted pastel coloured beads. The colours include pink, yellow, purple, blue, green, turquoise and grey.¬†Available as a kit with boards and ironing paper as well.  

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