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Emotional Development Book Pack

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This book pack celebrates the most important milestones of a toddler’s emotional development. The books explore a wide range of feelings and emotions with just the right touch of imagination. There are a must-have for any storytime or one-on-one sharing. Features beautiful whimsical, scraggly illustrations.

Set of 6 titles;

(TH3101) In My Heart

In My Heart lyrically explains what an emotion feels like, physically, inside. For example: “When I get really angry, my heart feels like it’s going to explode! Don’t come near me! My heart is yelling, hot and loud. This is when my heart is mad.” Toddlers will be empowered by this new vocabulary and able to practice articulating and identifying their own emotions.

(TH3713) Hello in There!

The enthusiastic big sister in this story is rendered mostly in black and white, with a large smiling face, upturned nose and a sprinkling of freckles. Each left-hand page depicts a pregnant belly in profile, gradually growing from a small bump until it finally crosses the center line and begins to crowd in on the right-hand page. Those looking for new-baby–jealousy or sibling-rivalry themes will need to look elsewhere; this one is all sweetness and light.

(TH9233) Brave As Can Be

Features large, sturdy, die-cut pages, where a little girl talks about her fears and how she copes with them. The pen-drawn girl gazes at a greenish mound that spills over the gutter to where she stands on the verso as she confesses, “When I was little, I was afraid of everything! Little creaks and squeaks and booming thunderclaps. The book also affirms the fact that sometimes it’s fun to scare and be scared, as at Halloween.

(TH2042) All My Treasures

When a girl receives a beautiful porcelain box from her grandmother, she immediately wants something special to put inside it. But what could it be? What does she love best? She loves jumping in puddles on rainy days, blowing bubbles in the park and watching her little sister’s first steps. As it turns out, life’s most precious treasures cannot be contained in a box! With a gentle message about the immateriality of happiness, this story reminds us to take pleasure in everyday moments.

(TH6446) In My Room

Designed to be rotated 90 degrees to read, with thick pages that turn toward readers, each spread depicts a new imaginary scene via a series of graduated and mitered panels like colored tab folders. A clever acknowledgement of the importance of imaginative play.

(TH8228) With My Daddy

With My Daddy is about a little girl who honors her dad and all the fun they have together.
They ride bikes and swim in the pool! They can imagine exciting adventures, or just lounge around on a hot day. Being with her dad makes her feel safe and comforted, strong and powerful. She can confront the neighbor’s dog and get thrown up in the air!

Suitable for children 3+ years.

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