Colour Slix 3D Paint – Pack of 8

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Product Code TH833

These Colour Slix 3D paint are great for adding 3-dimensional colour to artworks and craft activities. The colour dries solid meaning it will not come off or stick to other surfaces once applied to a surface and the paint provides a unique texture the children can feel once dry. These come in pink, black, red, green, blue, yellow, white and orange colours. The thin nozzleprovides a steady stream of paint which creates precise application and prevents wastage. These 3D paints are great for providing outlines, highlights or special effects such as dots and squiggles to a number of different surfaces like canvas, ceramics, porcelain, cardboard, papier mache and wood. The Colour Slix 3D paint can be used to decorate material such as hats and t-shirts adding unique designs and textures to your fabric. The vibrant colours will stand out on surfaces and children can use specific colours for the different themes throughout the year such as green and red for Christmas or pink and purple for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day crafting. Each colour comes in a 30ml bottle so the children can share the different colours and can use the paint on a number of different craft projects.   Pack of 8 colours. Size: 7.5(H) x 3cm(W).

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