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Paper Magiclay Candy Colours – 240g Pack

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Product Code TH0295

Paper Magiclay candy colours is an air drying paper modelling clay that is lightweight, soft and elastic. There is no need to use paint since this modelling material never looses it’s colour which means less mess.Magiclay can be pulled, stretched, rolled and embossed. The clay air dries in a matter of hours resembling a paper like texture when dry. Children will find the texture interesting as its unlike normal clay. Its has the weightlessness of foam but with the touch of paper. This clay will bond wet to dry. There are no adhesives or joining techniques needed therefore you simply press the parts that you are making together and they will hold! Also there are no tools required. It is a strong holding clay and will not crumble. You can add embellishments to the clay before it dries for example rhinestones or joggle eyes which will be held without glue. A fun element of Magiclay is that you can mix the colours together to make other colours. This is a fun activity for children as they watch the colours mesh together. There is no waste because what you don’t use can simply be put back into the resealable tub and stored in a cool dry place.This pack includes 12 bright assorted colours, 20g each: peach, yellow, orange, dusty pink, hot pink, red, lilac, blue, lime, turquoise, green and black.

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MTA Early Years Catalogue Page: 98