Playing Cards 30 decks in container

Playing Cards 30 decks in container

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Playing Cards 30 decks of economy playing cards (10217) in container. Decks supplied in six various colours.

Here are a few examples of activities that can be done with playing cards: Children make pairs with cards that make ten. This done in different ways. Kids can have a few cards in their hand with the rest of the deck facing down on the table. Turn one card over and try to make ten with one of the cards in their hand. If they found a pair, they keep the two cards aside and pick a card up from the pile. Another option is to have 10 cards per player. Player one picks a card from his/her hand and asks another player for a card that together would make 10. There are many variations possible, and it is a fun way to learn different combinations that make ten.

Playing cards are a perfect resource for addition and subtraction strategies. Start easy with just two cards, and ask students to either add the two cards together, or tell what the difference between the two cards is. This made more difficult by creating a 2 or 3 digit number by combining multiple cards. Also use the playing cards as a matching game. Student can match numbers with numbers, suits with suits or, when you combine two decks, the exact same cards – numbers and suits. Combine the cards to make the largest outcome possible. Each student has 3 cards in their hands and can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies to create the largest outcome. Add more cards to make it more challenging.

Create patterns with playing cards. This can be a number pattern, a colour pattern, a suit pattern and more. Furthermore create a pattern and let the students finish it, or let the students create their own pattern and let other students find out what the pattern is. The possibilities with playing cards are endless. As a result they are a must-have for every classroom and can be used for different levels and years.


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