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Teachables Eco-Wood Coloured Rods – 126pc in Bag

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Product Code TEB6304

This coloured rods set includes: 36 ones white 1x1x1 cm, 18 twos red 2x1x1 cm, 18 threes green 3x1x1 cm, 12 fours pink 4x1x1 cm, 8 fives yellow 5x1x1 cm, 6 six dark green 6x1x1 cm, 6 seven black 7x1x1 cm, 6 eight brown 8x1x1 cm, 6 nine blue 9x1x1 cm, 10 ten orange 10x1x1 cm. Packed in a cardboard box, made of Eco-Wood.Coloured rods, also known as Cuisenaire Rods, are an extremely versatile hands-on manipulative to explore maths and learn maths concepts, such as the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, finding factors of an integer, estimation and measurement, patterning, making 10 (or any other number) and much more. Cuisenaire Rods consists of a collection of wooden blocks in different lengths and colours, increasing by 1cm from 1cm to 10cm.Our Eco-Wood range is a fair alternative to plastic. The basic material is ground wood residue from PEFC-certified sustainable forest management as a waste product of wood processing, and a natural binder (also an ecological waste product). The result is an environmentally friendly, pollutants-free, affordable material with a long service life. The use of Eco-Wood is a sensible use of resources, ecological and CO2-neutral. The is realised environmental protection without the loss of quality!

RE-Wood® is a WPC material (wood – plastic – compound) that consists of 80% wood (spruce) and 20% plastic (recycled polypropylene). The material can be mixed with colours (masterbatch).