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Multicoloured Star Rhinestones – Pack of 50

Multicoloured Star Rhinestones – Pack of 50

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Create wonderful night skies or show someone they are your star with these fantastic star rhinestones. They are wonderfully presented can bright. The star rhinestones can be added to cards, hair accessories, pictures, collages, 3D dioramas. There are many uses for the star rhinestones. Children can glue the stars to cards to make the card really stand out. These star rhinestones can be used for Matariki – Maori New Year where celebrations are held for a wonderful cluster of stars which appear late May or Early June. Children can celebrate by making pictures using the star rhinestones to represent the formation. Children can create a picture then tell a story that represents the picture. It might of been when the child went camping and saw lots of stars. They might talk about the milky way, or what it might be like to be up there with the stars. A great topic to talk about about is how stars are made or if anyone has seen a shooting star. This conversation maybe easier for children the country regions, but fascinating for children who is live in urban areas where stars can be harder to see. These stars are fantastic to have in the classroom. They are easy to use and children will love the result they give.   Assorted colours. Pack of 50.

MTA Catalogue page: 72