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Florette is about Mae and her family moving to the city, where they leave behind their beloved garden. There is no room for apple trees and daffodils among the crowded rooftops of her new home. And Mae misses her friends, and the birds and gathering treasures for her jar.

So the little girl sets out to create a new kind of garden on the grey streets of the city and in the new places and spaces she encounters. And one day, she encounters the greatest inspiration of all–Florette. An enchanting glassed-in forest in the middle of the city. This forest inadvertently gives Mae a gift that transforms her new world–and the world of those around her.

A beautifully-penned narrative with truly exquisite illustrations–this is the type of book that really needs to be read. The main character Mae, is an inspiring child–who is sure to inspire so many readers. Mae is the kind of child who inspires others to change the world.


Suitable for children ages 3-8 years.

Dimensions:28.2 cm x24.7 cm x1.0 cm

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