Magnetic Marble Run – 134 pieces

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Product Code MYY134

A fun, magnetic marble run with great translucent tiles and tubes. This set is great for the children to learn all about cause and effect as they design their own unique constructions and then watch the marbles flow through each of the tubes. Children can experiment with different heights and designs as they problem solve to get the marble from the top of the track right through to the bottom.

Each of these piece are made in a durable plastic design making them robust yet lightweight for the children to handle and build with. This also makes cleaning each of the pieces easy and they easily stack together which makes storage easy. Magnets are fixed in each of the sides which makes joining each of the pieces easy while also making changing the designs simple as pulling apart the pieces. The square and triangle pieces allow the children to create their own unique designs as they work with different design concepts going through trial and error to work out what is and isn’t practical.

This set is great to see the marble run through each of the pieces as the translucent plastic makes it easy to see where the marble is on the track. This marble run is great to use on light box to see the translucent colours light up and watch the marble run through each of the pieces. The set is great as a stand alone play piece or multiple sets can you purchased and used together to create more complex and longer designs.

This item supports a STEM and a STEAM based approach in early childhood. It encourages and develops the problem solving, perseverance and creative thinking that are integral to STEM and STEAM. This curriculum integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Art, and the resources need to be able to support these different fields as one integrated pedagogy. Early STEM and STEAM based resources help to encourage this type of learning through play in young children and helps to support children to become confident learners.

The triangle measures 13.5(H)cm and square measures 7.5(W)cm. This set is compatible with our MYY magnetic tiles. Ages 3+ years.

MTA Catalogue page: 514