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All About Meditation and Breathing Book Pack

All About Meditation and Breathing Book Pack

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This Meditation and Breathing Book Pack includes stories that will help children learn about ways to deal with stress, worry, anger and anxiety. These books can be incredibly beneficial in teaching them breathing and meditation techniques. Helps children slow down, focus on breathing and control big emotions surrounding them. Contents of kit may vary.

Books included:

(EDEM9806) I’m Calm
(PEN8839) Breathe Like A Bear
(HAC7030) Mindful Me: Breath by Breath: A Mindfulness Guide to Feeling Calm
(SIM5827) Being You Is Enough
(PEN9447) Puppy Mind
(PEN2299) Calm- Mindfulness for Kids
(NSB4072) Yoga for Babies

Suitable for children ages 3+ years.

MTA Children’s Books are chosen to empower students to empathise with others, to help extend their vocabulary and support comprehension. The benefits of reading have been said to help alleviate stress and to encourage a state of relaxation. Students’ mental stimulation allows for knowledge to deepen and expand. Who doesn’t love a good story or learning something new? When people read a book, all their attention is focused on the story or information. So, encourage tranquility and focus in your classroom today.

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