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Storywands are fun way to encourage discussion and understanding of stories. With a different question on each star, these brightly coloured Storywands add excitement to listening and comprehension activities. They are perfect for helping small groups of learners focus on different story elements such as what is the story about? What will happen next? Who is your favourite character? How did the story end?

During whole class activities such as story telling and sharing, they make great classroom management tools to engage listeners and reflect on the story telling time. They support language development and comprehension themed learning experiences as children ponder over and answer the different questions on each of the wands. The wands can be used as a set or individually if a specific question on one of the wands is your focus.

Designed to meet these objectives:
– Students will understand and follow simple oral directions
– Students will share informtaion and ideas in complete, meaningful sentences
– Students will talk about characters, settings, and events
– Students will demonstrate comprehension by retelling a story
– Students will learn about story structure
– Students will develop importance literacy, language, speech and writing skills

This product includes eight vinyl wands (each wand displaying a different questions), and a bucket for easy storage and accessibility for children and teachers.

MTA Catalogue page: 618

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