Lower Case Alphabet Dough Stampers

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Stamp out perfect letters every time with these non-stick lower case stampers.

Let’s face it, kids are obsessed with stamps-even from a young age. So why not use their natural fascination to give them a head start in life? There are hundreds of stamping activities these lowercase alphabet stamps could be used for such as:
-stamp a letter and draw/paste pictures that start with that letter
-learning to spell the Most Frequent Words, one’s name and other words in an enticing manner. This could be done by copying words from books or flashcards
-practising tracing the letter after stamping
-imprinting the letters into play dough
The 26 stampers each have their matching letter printed on top so children can easily find the stamps they need.

Packed in a zippered bag, each stamper handle measures 10cm.
Ages 4+ years.



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