Lakeshore Classroom 240 Magnetic Letters Kit

Lakeshore Classroom 240 Magnetic Letters Kit

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With this giant magnetic letters kit it’s easy for the whole class to participate in alphabet skills, on any magnetic surface. The kit contains a total of 240 lower case magnetic letters. All in a compartmentalised storage box with handy labels for easy organisation. Colour-coded vowels and consonants also make word building a breeze. While the letter sizes range from 2.5 to 3.8cm. Ages 4+ years.

Below is the breakdown of how many of each letter you receive.  The compartments are sized accordingly.

a-15, b-10, c-10, d-10, e-15, f-10, g-10, h-5, i-10, j-5, k-10, l-10,

m-10, n-10, o-15, p-10, q-5, r-10, s-15, t-10, u-10, v-5, w-5, x-5,

y-5, z-5