Fine Motor Tweezer Tongs Set of 4

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Product Code LS139D

These easy-grip tweezer tongs help little ones develop muscle control, coordination and fine motor skills! Children simply grip the tongs like a pencil to grab & sort objects building the skills they need to begin drawing and writing.

  • Includes 4 coloured tweezer tongs in bright colours (red, yellow, green and blue).

Well developed fine motor skills allow children to move through so many daily tasks with increasing difficulty. Tasks and actions requiring fine motor skills can include drawing, painting and writing, picking up and manipulating small and intricate objects, self help tasks including dressing with buttons and shoe laces, or even building and making with small objects. Being able to manage tweezers and tongs with ease will help them to self serve their meals as part of a daily routine in early childhood education and care settings. Transporting objects with tweezer tongs is bound to delight children, building their confidence as they master this tricky action.

Working with the Fine Motor Tweezer Tongs set allows children to develop strong and agile fine motor skills while having fun and engaging in play. What games can your class create with this bright and colourful set of tweezers?

Starter set of 4, each tong measures 15.2cm Рalso available in a classpack of 12 (LS139D-12).

MTA Catalogue page: 724