Sustainability: Using Less Plastic Big Book

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Learning about sustainability is essential for providing children with the knowledge and awareness of the wider environmental concerns facing our planet now and in the future. Developing an understanding of sustainability establishes a direct connection between our actions and the impact that they have on the planet and promotes sustainable patterns of living. ‘Using Less Plastic’ addresses the problem of excessive plastic usage and production and the impact it is having on the environment and outlines three simple, achievable ways to reduce plastic usage in everyday life. Similar titles in the Find Out About series include ‘Growing Your Own’ and ‘How To Be Green’.

Learning Media’s Find Out About series features non-fiction titles covering a wide range of learning areas, from sustainable living to emotional intelligence. Written, designed and published in Australia, the Find Out About series explores teaching topics from across the primary curriculum using simple, accessible language and engaging artwork in a convenient big book format, perfect for shared reading.

Big book size: 30 cm x 42 cm, 16 pages.

MTA Catalogue page: 273

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