Wellness Kit

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A great Wellness Kit for any early childhood setting, school, home or office! This set includes aromatherapy oils & a diffuser to help calm the environment around them. Set includes a Aroma-Home Diffuser (LIV468), Immune Booster Oil (LIV373), Stress Relief Oil (LIV371), and Sniffles & Coughs Oil (LIV364). The diffuser holds 500ml of liquid, and the oils are 10mls.

Aroma-Home Diffuser (LIV468) –

Diffuse essential oils through out your home and workplace, and enjoy the wide benefits gained from aromatherapy, while also purifying the air you breathe. With advanced cool mist technology, this diffuser allows you to disperse your favourite essential oils through the room safely, and without heat. Holds 500ml of water, has 2, 4 & 6hr settings and can set a different light colour for whatever mood you are in!

Immune Booster Oil (LIV373) –

Containing only 100% certified organic ingredients, Immune Boost combines: Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Peppermint, Organic Tea Tree, Organic Lemon, and Laurel Leaf.  With a soothing yet powerful  aroma, Immune Boost  is packed with essential oils that can boost the immune system while clearing congestion, and eliminating germs. 10ml bottle.

Stress Relief Oil (LIV371) –

100% Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend to support you through worries, distress and anxiousness. There are many situations in daily life which place demands on you, and may lead you to feeling stressed. Aromatherapy is often used as a natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety. The Lively Living Stress Release Blend will help to support the nervous system and reduce feelings of irritability, nervous tension and panic, providing a sense of calm and comfort. 10ml bottle.

Sniffles & Coughs Oil (LIV364) –

A truly purposeful blend to help you and your loved ones clear those sniffles, coughs and congestion, and have a dream sleep too! Essential oils used in this blend include Frankincense Carterii, Marjoram, Thyme, Cedarwood Virginian – a very purposeful and potent blend to help soothe coughs and colds, and enhance sleep, with quick improvements in little ones health and breathing. Contains 100% pure & organic essential oil. 10ml bottle.

Kit components

Component  Name  Quantity  Unit  In stock
LIV468   Aroma-Home Diffuser  1  EACH The item is available
LIV373   Immune Booster Organic Oil 10ml  1  EACH The item is available
LIV371   Stress Relief Organic Oil 10ml  1  EACH The item is available
LIV364   Sniffles & Coughs Organic Oil 10ml  1  EACH The item is available