Infrared IR Seeker Sensor HiTechnic

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Product Code LEGNX1042

These sensors are fully compatible with both the EV3 and previous generation NXT Robotics platforms.

Great for RoboCup Jr competitions, this IR Seeker Sensor allows you to detect the direction of the infrared RoboCup soccer ball (not included). Your robot can easily find the soccer ball and keep it in sight. A winning combination when combined with the HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor (not included)! The infrared seeker has a specially designed curved lens and five internal detector to find the HiTechnic IR Ball. The IRSeeker has enhanced modes that detect modulated IR signals, and it filters out background signals giving superior performance in brightly lit rooms and sunny locations. The sensor returns the signal direction and strength making it easy to locate and gauge the relative distance to the target.

MTA Catalogue page: 468

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