LaQ – STEM Construction Set – 1800 pieces

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LaQ is a unique construction set with a design that ensures almost any shape can be built including spherical objects. The unique pieces allow for 2D and 3D construction. Perfect for free play as well as for STEM and STEAM. The sets include large and small wheels and 7 different pieces in a variety of colours. These sets are suitable for various ages and skill levels. Suitable for children from the age of 3 years. However we recommend for children from the age of 5 years.

This set is excellent for shared play between 1-6 children to build multiple and large models. It is ideal for beginners through to advanced builders. This set includes 1800 pieces including 60 special Hamacron parts. The special Hamacron parts (large wheels + shafts, mini wheel + shafts) enable a wider variety of movement and building techniques. This set also includes a large plastic container for easy storage. It includes instruction guides to make 42 models for a ferris wheel, pirate ship, dump truck, spinning carousel, Hamadroid, treehouse, robots and a mini Koala.

This unique construction toy features 7 types of block parts. It can make both 2D to 3D models. LaQ allows children to start with simple shapes, and then rapidly imagine and build their own creations.

The “Q” in LaQ is for the Japanese word “kyuu” which means sphere, and LaQ is completely unique in how the blocks can create spherical geometric shapes using a minimum number of parts. A sphere is the most infinite shape of all polyhedral objects, and LaQ is the ultimate block to explore the possibilities in creating from a child’s imagination. From starting with building 2D models using the flat parts, children can easily master building curved and 3D models. It has also won many toy awards including the Dr. Toy awards for Top 10 Building, Top 10 Creative and 100 Best categories.

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