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Oven Bake Polymer Clay – Pack of 12

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Get the children’s inner sculptor to come out with this Oven Bake Jewellery Clay.

Making your own jewellery from scratch! You can make beads, pendants, rings the options are endless. This clay comes in bright colours to make your jewellery amazing! The advantage of oven bake jewellery is that the colours are always bright, even when molding shapes with the clay it never looses its intensity. The clay is then baked in the oven to harden it for fantastic results.

Children can make anything they like all they need is some inspiration and they are away!What could be better then to craft something for yourself and you can wear it or give to a loved one as a individual piece for a unique present. Working with the clay will help children with colour recognition and it also aids them in the development of their hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Each colour comes individually wrapped in plastic and pre cut into 4 fingers of clay. Very similar to Fimo over bake clay.

Instructions for use: 1. Wash hands with soap and water before and after use. 2. Start by choosing a colour and knead it in your hands until it is warm and easy to work with. 3. Shape clay into your chosen design. 4. Put your finished shape into the oven and bake at 130 degrees for 15 to 30 mins. The baking time may vary depending on the size of the piece of clay and oven. 5. After letting your creation cool down you may wish to use a piece of sandpaper to remove any rough areas. Finishing touches can be added by using water based paint.

TIP: Remember to punch a hole in the clay for jewellery additions before putting in the oven. Pack of 12. Colours included are: Brown, Salmon, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Cream, Black, White, Yellow and Blue.

Each individual clay colour is 55g in weight. This Oven Bake Jewellery Clay does not contain any gluten, wheat or lactose so it is allergen free.

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