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Creatistics Air Dry Ceramic Clay – Terracotta 10kg

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Bring out the children’s inner sculptor with this fine quality Air Dry Ceramic Clay. Children can knead the easy to shape clay with their hands. Create the letters in their name, a beautiful modeled sculpture for a loved one. Or use it to create a bug, insect, an animal or maybe something they have been studying at school. Once the clay is left in the open air or at room temperature for 24 hours it will harden. Keeping its shape without shrinking or blending. Allowing children to paint the sculpture with any colour they choose. The finished products texture is very smooth when dried. Place the finished design on display around the classroom, home or office and the children will have a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing they have personally created the item.

Using the pottery wheel (AM1261) the children can create their own bowl, plate, vase or cup then if they wish they can put the clay into a kiln (under adult supervision) and fired at 1100c – 1200c (2012F – 2192F) and it will turn the clay into porcelain which then they can use porcelain painters to put their own unique design onto the finished product. Once decorated they can varnish the item and it will protect it from scratches and damage, which then they can also give as a present for that special someone. Working with the clay will help develop the children’s hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Keep the remaining clay in an airtight container otherwise it will dry out. If the clay dries out while in use add a touch of water and it will become pliable again. The White clay dries to earths natural white.

Size is a 10kg pack which is perfect for classroom use. Available in White or Terracotta colours. This Air Dry Ceramic Clay does not contain any gluten, wheat or lactose so it is allergen free.Approximate shelf life is 1.5 years. 10kg Pack Size contains 10 x 1kg individually wrapped packs.

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