Ergerite Whiteboard Group Table – 154cm – 52-74cm high

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The Ergerite Whiteboard Group Table is excellent for any classroom. It is suitable for both primary and high schools from kindergarten/prep through to year 12. This whiteboard group table features height adjustable legs and a strong and durable table top. The table top includes a top layer of write on/wipe of whiteboard. This allows students to work directly on the tabletop and encourages problem solving and group work.

The group table top measures 154cm long with a depth of 49cm. The total depth of the whole table including the curved shape is 84cm. The legs are adjustable from 52cm up to 74cm high. Assembly is required. The internal measurements between the legs are as follows: long curved side 67cm. Short curved side 106cm. Ends 51cm. Please note that our Ergerite School Chairs measure 51.5cm foot print.

The Ergerite Whiteboard Group Table is a great choice for the school classroom and is ideal for STEM activities and Maker Spaces. It’s a versatile table for learning spaces, being able to cater to a range of learning modes- including independent and collaborative learning, or guided learning from a facilitator. The whiteboard table top also provides students with a hands-on learning station, where students have the opportunity of being active participants in their learning. The adjustable height of this table allows it to be an ideal table option for┬áboth traditionally set up classrooms as well as flexible learning environments or the innovative learning environments of modern schooling- providing children with agency, flexibility and choice to find a learning space that feels comfortable for them. This table can also be used to support social distancing and physical distancing in the classroom.

All particleboard used in this item is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This is the world’s most rigorous labelling system for timber products, and is the only forest label supported by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Fund. FSC approval ensures that this item is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for the classroom.

The whiteboard range is available in rectangular and kidney shaped group tables, as well in 2 different adjustable leg heights which are suitable from early childhood through to high school. The Ergerite range of furniture is a cost effective and durable range purposefully designed for the classroom environment. The range includes a variety of different furniture pieces, including chairs, tables and storage systems. The Ergerite range includes furniture which is suitable for use in early childhood, prep and primary school classrooms. This range has been designed with function, simplicity and durability in mind.

Care and maintenance for our white board tables: Always be sure to use non-permanent, xylene-free, non-toxic, dry erase markers. (We have an excellent range of Teachables whiteboard markers in a variety of colours and thicknesses). We recommend to clean the table tops after each lesson with a whiteboard eraser or a dry, soft cloth. Our Teachables Whiteboard Cleaner (TEB0202) is also a great option. Always ensure the ink is dry before wiping off the work to help limit residue being left on the surface. We recommend to wipe clean the tables after each activity and not wait until the end of the day as this ensures for easier cleaning and will limit the ink staining the table tops. If the tables have not been cleaned after each use there is a possibility that the whiteboard marker may stain the table. If you find there are marks or residue left on the table please clean with a moist cloth or with our Teachable Whiteboard Cleaner. We do not recommend to use chemical based cleaners such as bleach as this may affect the surface of the table. With a little care, these tables will provide an excellent surface to support creative thinking and problem solving.

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