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Peg People of the World

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Peg People of the World – Giving children the opportunity to learn about diversity and inclusion through play using the simplicity of the different shades of these peg people. This set is the perfect way to demonstrate to children that while we may look different on the outside we are all the same, living together in this world. Includes 10 pieces. Suitable for children aged 12+ months.

The Peg People of the World is a terrific learning resource for the classroom, allowing children to explore the different shades of people from all over the world. Diverse learning resources also provide wonderful opportunities for play experiences that broaden children’s perspectives, to embrace diversity and welcome inclusion. Great for children’s dramatic role play and storytelling, and help to ensure a wide range of backgrounds and appearances are meaningfully represented as part of the learning community.

The Peg People of the World set is a wonderful addition to children’s learning through play environment. Play is such an important part of early childhood, providing children with opportunities to explore, enquire and make discoveries, in turn making sense of the world around them. Play allows children to improvise and imagine, connect with social and physical environments, share experiences and learn from others in an interchange of knowledge. Play also provides children with opportunities to build on emotional, physical and cognitive capabilities, ensuring children’s developmental skills are able to flourish.

Ages 12+ months

MTA Catalogue page: 805

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