Wooden Counting Cubes – assorted colours – Set of 100 pieces

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These wooden counting cubes are excellent manipulatives for visual discrimination, sorting, counting, basic maths exercises or building block activities.Can usefor a wide range of mathematical activities, like addition, subtraction, patterning and much more!

Besides using the cubes for counting, they are also an excellent resource for spatial visualisation. Students can build a model with the colourful cubes without showing this to theirclassmate. They have to describe what the model looks like, using words such as in front of, behind, next to, etc., and the other student has to rebuild the same model.

A great way to practise with spatial visualisation, problem solving as well as critical thinking. Each wooden counting cube measures 2 cm square. The set issupplied in 6 assorted vibrant colours: green, red, blue, yellow, orange and purple. Set of 100 cubes. Ages 3+ years.

MTA Catalogue page: 356

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