Plastic Cups 180ml Pack of 50

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Plastic cups are a handy and versatile resource to have in the classroom. Great for all sorts of craft activities as part of a STEAM based learning curriculum. Pack of 50. Size 6.5cm(H). Plastic cups can be painted, decorated and embellished to turn into people and animals with eyes and legs added. Turned upside and hung with a string they can have long paper streamers added to make floating jellyfish or octopus. They can have grass, vegetables or flowers grown in them for a fun and exciting exploration into science. Plastic cups can be used for open ended building and construction- simply stack them on top of each other to make towers and architectural structures. They can have handles added to make baskets and lanterns or turned upside with a lid to make a snow globe. Plastic cups are also a versatile item for children to experiment with threading to make long caterpillars and dragons. With painting and embellishment, plastic cup caterpillars and dragons can be brought to life and used for all sorts of puppet games or imaginative play. Cups can also be turned upside down and dipped into paint as a fun way to make painted circles on the page.

What can your class make with plastic cups?

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