Manfrotto Lumie 6 LED light

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Product Code DNS010

Create light where you need it! The Manfrotto LumiMuse LED lights mark an evolution in illumination for mobile film making and photography. Featuring an inbuilt lithium-ion battery, it recharges via USB and has three stages of dimming.

The Lumie 6 brings the perfect balance to partability and power to your lighting accessories. The compact LED light design is made from robust aluminium, and is lightweight and long-lasting.

The snap-fit filter mounts and two filters let you choose how to modify your picture or video. You can change the diffusion of the LED light as well as the colour temperature.Various effects can be achieved by using up to three filters at the same time. Combine these with our other filter colours and you’ll have even more creative choice.

The Lumie ART (also known as the LumiMuse 6) has an output of 440 Lux, and includes a shoe mount, diffuser and two coloured gels.These filters and filter mounts all come in their own carrying case. You’ll have the freedom to safely transport them wherever you are needed. Perfect whether you are going to take still images, record full length interviews and more.

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