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MaQueen Robot – micro:bit Robot

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Product Code DFR148

MaQueen is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which inherits playability and simple operation of micro:bit. The Mini-body, interesting features and plug-and-play allow students to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children’s interest in science and logical thinking. The MaQueen metal body includes a variety of built-in sensors.

Included in the set:
– 1x MaQueen metal body including:
– 2x Infrared Grayscale Sensor
– 1x Buzzer
– 1x Infrared Receiver
– 2x LED Lights
– 4x RGB Ambient Light
– 1x Ultrasonic Interface
– 1x IIC Interface (3.3V)
– 2x Gravity Extension Interfaces
– 2x All-metal Gear Motor

Meet MaQueen, a little robot with a big personality. MaQueen uses micro:bit to perform many different fun activities. This platform offers small and flexible movement which makes it easy to install, and easy to use. MaQueen includes sensors that support light, object, sound, or even wireless signal interaction.

Please note this set does not include micro:bit. If you would like to order this set with the micro:bit included, please order: DFR148-M.

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