Circuit Scribe Pen – 5-Pack – Refill Set

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This set of 5 Circuit Scribe pens can be used as an add-on set or replacement set for your existing Circuit Scribe Kits. Our flagship conductive ink pen is now available alone! Replace an empty pen from your kit, or use the pen with your own electrical components. Circuit Scribe will write on anything that your everyday rollerball pen will. Regular printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. The pen is not recommended for woven fabrics but we've started trying it on neoprene, leather/vinyl, and Tyvek. Have fun, and experiment on different mediums!

The resistance of the ink is 0.5 to 10 ohms for a 1 cm line. However, it depends on the paper that you are writing on. We see about 3 ohms/cm on standard copy paper and 0.5 ohms/cm on photopaper. Our favorite materials are Recollections colored cardstock (available at Michael's) for craft projects and Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo paper for PCB applications. You can draw 60 to 80 meters (196 to 260 feet) of traces with a single pen.

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