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Creatistics Pastel Paint – Set of 5

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Creatistics pastel paint is a non-toxic, water-based poster paint that is available in 5 beautiful pastel colours. Ideal for early childhood and primary students. It has a smooth consistency and good coverage. Great for seasonal classroom painting and crafting activities for Easter and Mother’s Day. Available in colours blue, pink, purple, green and yellow. Sold separately and as a set of 5. Made in Australia. Size: 1L bottles.

Our Creatistics pastel paint can contribute to many fun and exciting painting activities. Painting allows children to discover and express their creativity, feelings and emotions as a powerful means of communication. Painting activities work on children’s observation skills and hand eye coordination. Whether children are finger painting or using tools including brushes, they are working the small muscles in their hands to develop the coordination, strength and dexterity needed for drawing and writing.

Creatistics offers an extensive range of best quality, safe and great value art and craft resources which have been developed specially for classroom use. Designed to inspire educators and enhance children’s learning through fun, creativity and self-expression, the range features all your classroom essentials including paint and painting equipment, paper, pencils, markers, glitter, glue, dough, clay and craft materials.

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