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Creatistics Dough Set of 6 x 900g Tubs

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This great dough set of 6 x 900g tubs comes in strong primary colours and is pliable and easy to mould. Children will have great fun using their hands to create fun 3D designs using the soft and safe dough. Children can create beautiful pieces of art, cut and mould into shapes or use dough tools to create impressions or cut into fun designs. They can use one colour or blend colours together to create a completely different effect. The 6 x 900g tubs allow a number of children to play with the dough at one time and they can use as little or as much as they need.

Children can press the dough into different moulds to learn about different shapes and they can then roll the dough together when complete to try different moulds and shapes. Children can use the dough to create letters representing their names or what they are learning at that particular time such as bugs and insects or they could even create numbers to answer maths questions for a fun and different way to learn.

The dough can be used with Dough Characters (CL6720) to make fun and unique designs allowing the children to express their creativity in a fun hands on way. They can also use dough cutters (LK6008) to create different shapes to help them with their learning and understanding of the different shapes and modelling.

Working with dough will help relax the children and it helps them develop their hand to eye coordination and fine motor skills. The dough will not stick to their hands or surfaces meaning the children and surface areas remain clean making tidying up a breeze.

Creatistics dough is also conductive and allows for current flow when making your own electrical circuits.

Supplied in a large tub for easy storage and to keep the dough sealed so it does not dry out.

Pack includes 6 colours, including; blue, yellow, green, red, purple and orange. Non-toxic.

Size: 6 x 900g.

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MTA Catalogue page: 92

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