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Bio-Glitter – Set of 8

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Creatistics Bio-Glitter is a new innovation in art & craft. Unlike plastic glitter, bio-glitter is made from ethically sourced plant cellulose and is environmentally friendly.

Bio-Glitter has been certified compostable and will biodegrade in the natural environment. Testing has confirmed that our Bio-Glitter achieves 75% degradation after only 45 days in standard composting conditions.

Bio-Glitter has the same shiny, metallic finish of PET glitter, without the damaging effects to our eco-system. Add sparkle to all your are and craft projects; Creatistics bio-glitter suitable for use on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and fabric.

Available in 200g bottles with easy pour shaker lid, the 8 colours in this set include silver, gold, rose gold, red, green, blue, pink and purple.

Set of 8 colours. Non-Toxic. Biodegradable. The glitter flakes measure 0.6mm in size.

Creatistics offers a range of best quality, safe and great value art and craft resources which have been developed especially for classroom use. Designed to inspire educators and enhance children’s learning through fun, creativity and self-expression, the range features all your classroom essentials including paint and painting equipment, pencils, markers, glue, dough, clay and craft essentials.


MTA Catalogue page: 81